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P.O. Box 67
Oneida, KY 40972-0067
This is the address for all student mail.

Physical Address: 11 Mulberry Street

Telephone: 606-847-4111
This is an automated switchboard. If you do not know the extension you want to reach, press zero and a receptionist will answer during regular business hours.

Fax Machine: 606-847-4496

Dormitory Phones (Available only at designated hours):
Girls: 606-847-4111 ext. 247
Boys: 606-847-4111 ext. 280

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Points of Contact - Faculty and Staff

Many staff have voice mail boxes on their extensions. If your party does not answer, please leave a message at the voice mail box.

Academic Office: 606-847-4111 ext. 213

Admissions - Domestic: 606-847-4111 ext. 233

Admissions - International, Vicky Filiatreau: 606-847-4111 ext. 201

Alumni Director, Amanda Roberts: 606-847-4111 ext. 268

Athletic Director (Todd Parkhouse): 606-847-4111 ext. 219

Business Office: 606-847-4111 ext. 205

Business Office-Student Accounts: 606-847-4111 ext. 206

Dean of Boys, Richard Brown: 606-847-4111 ext. 241

Dean of Girls, Ronda Leach: 606-847-4111 ext. 240

Dean of Students, Todd Parkhouse: 606-847-4111 ext. 219

Guidance Counselor, Kathryn Jaspersen: 606-847-4111 ext. 216

Health Care Coordinator: 606-847-4111 ext. 257

Principal, Barb Osterrieder

Office of the President: 606-847-4111 ext. 202

Read more about OBI president, Mr. Larry A. Gritton, Jr.

Registrar, Diane Dimsey: 606-847-4111 ext. 292

Student Coordinator's Office (Susette Clark): 606-847-4111 ext. 217